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Winter Services!!

Winter Service Package:

In addition to our "Complete Maintenance Package", we offer our "Winter Service Package".  This includes two trips to your pool after the closing.  

During the visits we:

  • Clean and Pull back pool cover
  • Vacuum all debris and foliage
  • Test and circulate necessary chemicals
  • Securely Reinstall pool cover
We make our initial visit after all leaves/debris have fallen and landscapers have finished their winter cleanup.  We then return after your pool defrosts.  We have found the winter service to be very advantageous to our customers for a few reasons:  
  • Prevents staining from leaves and debris which would otherwise be resting on the pool surface all winter
  • Prevents algae growth
  • Prolongs the life of pool equipment; Pump/Filter will run more efficient 
  • Prolongs life of your safety cover; prevents rips and tears due to fallen sticks and other debris.

Our Winter Service Package is not included in our 
Complete Maintenance Package. Please call for pricing.

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