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Pool Maintenance

THE POOL GUYZ take great pride in knowing that we offer first class service with our "Complete Maintenance Package".  We will be there from start to finish, opening till closing, to ensure your pool season is enjoyable, safe and stress free.  The "Complete Maintenance Package" runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day but can be accommodated to fit your needs.  Please read on to learn more.


Complete Maintenance Package includes:

  • Pool Opening
    • Removal and Cleaning of safety cover 
    • Removal of winter plugs 
    • Install all return fittings for pool and spa 
    • Safely secure and install all hardware (ladders/railings/diving board, etc.)
    • Cleanup of pool area and coping
    • Properly start up all pool equipment 
    • Give the pool its initial chemical treatment
  • Weekly Service from Memorial Day to Labor Day:
      • Test and Balance Pool Water
      • Vacuuming and Brushing of pool and spa surface
      • All necessary pool sanitizing chemicals
      • Ensure proper maintenance of pool equipment/automatic cleaner
    • Pool Closing
      • Vacuum all debris from pool and spa
      • Winterize/Blow out of all pool lines 
      • Install winter plugs
      • Add proper chemicals 
      • Winterize all pool equipment
      • Open pool filter and clean thoroughly
      • Securely Re-Install pool safety cover

    Please Call for pricing of our "Complete Maintenance Package"

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